On individual counselling

Counselling in the field of personal growth is a process of empowering the client and enabling him/her to use his/her inner capacities more fully and to achieve desirable changes. I am responsible for good working conditions for both of us and for the safety of the process. The client is responsible for the content of our work and for the changes he/she makes in his/her life. This journey may lead us to the core essence of the person while  rediscovering the beauty of life.
We create a safe space for our work together so that the client is able to re-order various aspects of his/her inner world in a new healthier way. The client may  become more connected to his/her inner power, wisdom and  resiliency. It may result in a kinder and more compassionate approach to oneself but also to others. One may feel wholeness and deeper connection with others, with the environment and with the planet we are living on.



The length of our cooperation with the client is flexible according to the client’s needs and my evaluation of whether my way of work might be further useful for the client or whether the goals set by the client have been achieved. In case the client does not find our cooperation helpful it is highly recommended to talk it over with me. The client may decide to end our cooperation. If this is the case it is advisable to bring it up before he/she does so that we can conclude our work together. If it is not possible for the client to come to the booked appointment I prefer he/she lets me know 24 hour beforehand. The usual length of individual sessions is 50 minutes. They are focused according to the client’s needs. Sessions are confidential. If the client wishes it is possible to preserve his/her anonymity.

If the client does not inform us about the cancellation of the appointment 24 hours ahead the reimbursement for the lost session is the full fee for the session.
The fee for counselling session will be discussed and agreed between the counselor and the client.
The client pays in cash after each session accordingly.