Services and Certified Approaches

  • Individual counselling for adults

    individual counselling promoting mental health and personal growth with the use of methods for resource development and installation and EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).                        

    My work is strongly influenced by my training in Person Centred Approach and Emotion Focused Therapy and I also apply principles of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Mindfulness.

  • Postgraduate education for helping professionals

    Training therapist for Institute ISTER, Bratislava- Person-Centered Approach

    EMDR consultant and lecturer- Register of Supervisors of the Slovak Institute for Psychotraumatology and EMDR:

My services are designed for people, who


  • wish to renew  their inner balance
  • would like to cope with their feelings, with uncertainty, lack of self esteem, fear, anxiety, anger, guilt feelings, despair, grief, hopelessness, confusion and other consequences of unprocessed experiences
  • would like to improve their contact with their body
  • are interested in enhancing their inner resources: improve their connection to themselves, to their inner strength, inner wisdom, beauty, their sense of self-esteem
  • are interested in the ways of improving their stress management
  • wish to enjoy life more
  • would like to find their place in the world
  • want to improve their relationship with themselves and with the others
  • for colleagues who wish to improve their counselling skills and their ways of using EMDR